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Where is the first place today’s homebuyer turns to when searching for a new home? If you guessed the Internet, you’re correct—but if you answered “Google”, give yourself a gold star! It’s time you get Homebuilder SEO and PPC working for you.

Search engines are the first stop on the path to new home ownership, and if your homebuilding website doesn’t appear on the first page of Google you may find your sales agents sitting around twiddling their thumbs… or worse.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that ensures your homebuilder website appears early in organic search. The easier it is for homebuyers to find your website via search engines, the more likely it is they will visit your sales center and buy a home. Of course when they show up at your sales center or model home your sales team can get down to the business of selling!

The Power Marketing team specializes in SEO and PPC for homebuilders, working daily to increase your homebuilding website’s organic ranking. We like to refer to SEO as a marathon, as it takes time to build a strong organic presence, but, if you find you need homebuyers right away, there is another option. Our SEO Blueprint for homebuilders will deliver rankings on top search engines like Google and Bing.

Unlike SEO, Pay Per Click (PPC) is more like a sprint. By incorporating a PPC campaign, we can get your homebuilding website at the very top of search results immediately; however there is an expense involved with this strategy too. Google provides the ability to place advertising for your homebuilding website at the top of search results, charging your account each time a potential homeowner clicks on your link.

A well-managed PPC campaign is able to produce immediate exposure for your homebuilding company. Our PPC specialist will discuss the best strategies in order to ensure you receive the desired results from your Pay Per Click budget.

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Capture more homebuyer leads with homebuilder SEO and PPC

So, what will it be; Homebuilder SEO and PPC or just one? We highly recommend both to maximize success today.

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