As a homebuilder, chances are you have a very large database of email addresses; potential homebuyers who have provided their contact information either on your website or in your sales centers. If you currently don’t have lead capture forms on your website, stop reading right now and call us at 301.416.7861—you’re missing a huge opportunity!

That being said, now that you have the ability to contact all of these valuable homebuyers, how do you go about doing so?

If you haven’t considered incorporating a customized email campaign into your homebuilding marketing plan, now is the time. Email marketing is a cost-effective, targeted, measurable strategy able to drive homebuyers to your sales centers, model homes and of course, your homebuilding website.

The simple fact that homebuyers provided you with their contact information means they are waiting to hear from you! This is referred to as permission based marketing—undeniable proof that your homebuyers are eager to learn more about your new homes and communities.

But what about all of those homebuyers who have yet to provide their contact information directly to your homebuilding company? Yes, you can reach them, too!

Power Marketing is able to create customized email marketing campaigns and deliver your message to specific targeted lists of future homebuyers. Harnessing the power of the Internet, you can now reach the exact geo-targeted demographic, providing them an open invitation to learn more about your new homes and communities.